Monday, May 18, 2009

Dota Most Powerful Hero

Alot people ask me what is the most powerful dota hero. Well, every one has their own favorite dota hero.

Some like strength, some like agility and some like intelligent hero. But which one is the most powerful hero?

So, I did some research on the most frequent use hero. Here is the list

Competition and Professional Favourite Hero
1) Zeus
2) Mirana
3) Sandking
4) Queen Of Pain
5) Warlock
6) Lich King
7) Treant Protector
8) Chen
9) Spectre
10) Geomancer
11) Tormented Soul
12) Krobules
13) Lina
14) Pugna

Public and Cyber Cafe Favourite Hero
1) Rikimaru
2) Troll
3) Yunero
4) Broodmother
5) Gondar
6) Sniper
7) Faceless Void
8) Drow Ranger
9) Shadow Fiend
10) Bone Fletcher
11) Phantom Assasin
12) Luna
13) Dragon Knight
14) Venomancer
15) Lycan

You can see that a pro and noobie selection hero is so different. Pros like to use hero with many magic spell, AOE damage and teamwork hero. While noobie like me, like to use agility hero which is super strong end game.

So, the best dota hero depends on your style of playing. It depend on your character. Here is the list:-

1) Satisfied when killing the hero alone - use hero like yunero, broodmother, troll, dragon knight. These hero can 1 on 1 with any one

2) Satisfied when your friend get the kill while you support them - use demon witch, stunners, shadow priest, dark seer.

3) Satisfied when your team together kill the hero - use hero which has aoe damage like zues , sand king, warlock.

4) Satisfied chasing the hero until his death - use bone fletcher , lycan , barathrum . These hero can reach maximum speed and chase them down.

5) Satisfied to be in the safe zone and like to defend - use long range hero like sniper

6) Satisfied to suprise or backstab the enemy from behind- rikimaru , nerubian assasin , gondar

7) Satisfied to kill many creeps - use shadow fiend, sniper , axe

I am number 4. I love chasing the hero till their death. I like to ks also. hehehe.

So , who are you?


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