Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dota Tips - Ghost Scepter

As we know ghost scepter when activated will make you immune to attack damage for 4 seconds but take extra 44% damage from magic spell. However, ghost scepter can block certain magic spell. Here are the list:-

Mortred - all her spells
Juggernaut -all his spells
Tinker - Rockets
Atropos -brain sap
Leshrac - diabolic edict
Queen of Pain - scream of pain
Dirge - soul rip
Meepo - earthbind (you can walk out of the net)
Pit Lord-Pit of Malice (you can walk out)
Nerubian Assassin - Vendetta
Brood - Spawn Spiderlings
Techies - land mines/suicide
Earth Shaker - Echo Slam
Omni - Purification
Chen - Test of Faith
Naga Siren - Ensnare (you can walk out the net)
Morh - adaptive strike
Bristle back - Quil Spray
Beast - Wild axes
Alchemist - Acid Spray

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  1. how can i make a ghost scepter..?